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· Abercrombie, John
· Alessi, Ralph
· Altekamp, Sebastian
· Andrzejewski, Max
· Antoniou, Giorgos
· Backhaus, Tobias
· Baron, Joey
· Beets, Marius
· Berne, Tim
· Bernstein, Peter
· Black, Jim
· Boehlee, Karel
· Brodbeck, Jean-Paul
· Burgwinkel, Jonas
· Carrothers, Bill
· Cheek, Chris
· Chisholm, Hayden
· Copland, Marc
· Cowherd, Jon
· de Fatima, Maria
· del Fra, Riccardo
· di Gioia, Roberto
· Dixon, Ben
· Egli, Dominic
· Enders, Johannes
· Friedrich, Jürgen
· Fuhr, Dietmar
· Gille, Sebastian
· Gisler, Fabian
· Goldings, Larry
· Goldsby, John
· Graupe, Ronny
· Gress, Drew
· Hagans, Tim
· Harris, Sam
· Hart, Billy
· Hays, Kevin
· Hébert, John
· Heise, Julius
· Held, Pablo
· Hoenig, Ari
· Hollander, Rick
· Hollenbeck, John
· Kaufmann, Achim
· Kent, Oliver
· Klein, Niels
· Kolli, Valdi
· Konitz, Lee
· Kruemmling, Martin
· Landfermann, Robert
· Landolf, Domenic
· Lang, Walter
· Lauer, Johannes
· Lewis, Victor
· Liebman, Dave
· Lillinger, Christian
· Martucci, Tony
· Meinhold, Niko
· Moreno, Tony
· Moret, Patrice
· Motian, Paul
· Murodate, Aya
· Mutzke, Menzel
· Nuss, Hubert
· Nussbaum, Adam
· O'Mara, Peter
· Olah, Ernö
· Osby, Greg
· Palesano, Antonio
· Pallemaerts, Dré
· Peacock, Gary
· Pechlof, Kathrin
· Penman, Matt
· Peuker, Peter
· Pichler, Matthias
· Poor, Ted
· Potratz, Oliver
· Radley, Nate
· Raible, Claus
· Rainey, Tom
· Rieser, Dan
· Riley, John
· Roelofs, Joris
· Rohrer, Samuel
· Rosato, Rick
· Ross, Florian
· Rueckert, Jochen
· Ruocco, John
· Rückert, Thomas
· Saito, Taiko
· Schlamb, Peter
· Schouten, Koen
· Schrijner, Marie-José
· Schröder, John
· Schröteler, Daniel
· Scofield, John
· Scott, Ryan
· Seizer, Jason
· Serierse, Marcel
· Shepik, Brad
· Sieverts, Henning
· Spallati, Igor
· Speed, Chris
· Stabenow, Thomas
· Steffens, Liesbeth
· Steidle, Oliver
· Stein, Bastian
· Stemeseder, Elias
· Stewart, Bill
· Stillman, Loren
· Street, Ben
· Taborn, Craig
· Taylor, John
· Terzic, Dejan
· Thys, Nicolas
· Turner, Mark
· Vallon, Colin
· van Gelder, Ben
· Verheyen, Robin
· Versace, Gary
· Webber, Anna
· Weidner, Christian
· Weinrib, Craig
· Weiss, Doug
· Westergaard, Jonas
· Wogram, Nils
· Wylie, James

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This trio is an unusual camaraderie of world-class players. From the moment you first hear the trio you can sense the deep respect the musicians have for one another. Three musicians who never make a big deal about what they are up to, thereby generating an infectious strength through their extraordinarily subtle control of all the musical parts. Their intensely sensual music grooves and glistens. With the trio's extensive use of the music's dynamic possibilities, the passion and joy of this amazingly versatile instrumental lineup is there for all to hear. Sophisticated music - just let yourself go, and enjoy.


Instrumental CD of the Month: Jazzstation (USA)
musical performance:
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Stereo (Germany):
musical performance:
sonic quality: 1/2

Fono Forum (Germany):
musical performance:
sonic quality: 1/2

Stereoplay (Germany): recommended sonic quality

Aargauer Zeitung (Switzerland)
1/2 Blogcritics.org (USA)
Rondo (Germany)
Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein & Bill Stewart · Ramshackle Serenade

Larry Goldings hammond organ
Peter Bernstein guitar
Bill Stewart drums



Simple as That

Ramshackle Serenade

Mr. Meagles

Sweet and Lovely

Blue Sway

Useless Metaphor


© 2014 Pirouet Records

Art.-No: PIT3077
EAN-code: 4-260041-180772

Price: 15,90 €

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"Goldings, Bernstein, and Stewart have indeed produced a jewel." (Jack Goodstein, blogcritics.org)

"... This trio is an unusual camaraderie of world-class players, three of the world's best players in the current jazz scene... Their intensely sensual music grooves and glistens... So far one of the best releases of the year." (Arnaldo Desouteiro, Jazzstation)

"After all these years, this trio still manages to make magic whenever it hits the studio. It doesn't get much better than this." (Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz)

"... Ramshackle Serenade is a superb indication of how modest - and, at the same time free and appealing - this organ trio is." (J. S., Buffalo News)