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· Abercrombie, John
· Alessi, Ralph
· Altekamp, Sebastian
· Andrzejewski, Max
· Antoniou, Giorgos
· Backhaus, Tobias
· Baron, Joey
· Beets, Marius
· Berne, Tim
· Bernstein, Peter
· Black, Jim
· Boehlee, Karel
· Brodbeck, Jean-Paul
· Burgwinkel, Jonas
· Carrothers, Bill
· Cheek, Chris
· Chisholm, Hayden
· Copland, Marc
· Cowherd, Jon
· de Fatima, Maria
· del Fra, Riccardo
· di Gioia, Roberto
· Dixon, Ben
· Egli, Dominic
· Enders, Johannes
· Friedrich, Jürgen
· Fuhr, Dietmar
· Gille, Sebastian
· Gisler, Fabian
· Goldings, Larry
· Goldsby, John
· Graupe, Ronny
· Gress, Drew
· Hagans, Tim
· Harris, Sam
· Hart, Billy
· Hays, Kevin
· Hébert, John
· Heise, Julius
· Held, Pablo
· Hoenig, Ari
· Hollander, Rick
· Hollenbeck, John
· Kaufmann, Achim
· Kent, Oliver
· Klein, Niels
· Kolli, Valdi
· Konitz, Lee
· Kruemmling, Martin
· Landfermann, Robert
· Landolf, Domenic
· Lang, Walter
· Lauer, Johannes
· Lewis, Victor
· Liebman, Dave
· Lillinger, Christian
· Martucci, Tony
· Meinhold, Niko
· Moreno, Tony
· Moret, Patrice
· Motian, Paul
· Murodate, Aya
· Mutzke, Menzel
· Nuss, Hubert
· Nussbaum, Adam
· O'Mara, Peter
· Olah, Ernö
· Osby, Greg
· Palesano, Antonio
· Pallemaerts, Dré
· Peacock, Gary
· Pechlof, Kathrin
· Penman, Matt
· Peuker, Peter
· Pichler, Matthias
· Poor, Ted
· Potratz, Oliver
· Radley, Nate
· Raible, Claus
· Rainey, Tom
· Rieser, Dan
· Riley, John
· Roelofs, Joris
· Rohrer, Samuel
· Rosato, Rick
· Ross, Florian
· Rueckert, Jochen
· Ruocco, John
· Rückert, Thomas
· Saito, Taiko
· Schlamb, Peter
· Schouten, Koen
· Schrijner, Marie-José
· Schröder, John
· Schröteler, Daniel
· Scofield, John
· Scott, Ryan
· Seizer, Jason
· Serierse, Marcel
· Shepik, Brad
· Sieverts, Henning
· Spallati, Igor
· Speed, Chris
· Stabenow, Thomas
· Steffens, Liesbeth
· Steidle, Oliver
· Stein, Bastian
· Stemeseder, Elias
· Stewart, Bill
· Stillman, Loren
· Street, Ben
· Taborn, Craig
· Taylor, John
· Terzic, Dejan
· Thys, Nicolas
· Turner, Mark
· Vallon, Colin
· van Gelder, Ben
· Verheyen, Robin
· Versace, Gary
· Webber, Anna
· Weidner, Christian
· Weinrib, Craig
· Weiss, Doug
· Westergaard, Jonas
· Wogram, Nils
· Wylie, James

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Room Layout
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Room 2
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Control room / Equipment
Location Plan

The PIROUET RECORDING STUDIO has been constructed in concurrence with Pirouet's philosophy of producing the highest quality acoustic instrumental recordings.

The studio has existed since 2003 and was completely remodelled into a state-of-the-art professional recording studio in 2006. The studio was planned and developed with the assistance of "JV-Acoustics", one of Germany's leading sound studio construction firms. The rooms were acoustically measured for their respective size and accompanying reverberation time and then designed so that the sound would be balanced over the entire frequency spectrum.

There are three separate recording rooms and a control booth. Room I (circa 60 sq.m.) can be used as a group recording room. For instance, it has the perfect recording atmosphere for piano trios, allowing for a truly "live" acoustic playing situation. The room is equipped with a Steinway B grand piano (built in 2000) which has been specially attuned to the room.

Natural hard-wood floors have been laid over the entire area, and the rooms have been designed for their brightness in order to offer a congenial working atmosphere.

Along with the rooms meeting the highest acoustic standards, the studio is equipped with high-quality microphones (Neumann, Schoeps, AKG, etc.), our 48 channel SSL "DUALITY" analog mixing console with total recall function, the corresponding analog outboard (Tubetec, Manley), reverb processors (Lexicon, Bricasti, TC-Electronics, AKG BX 20), along with high-quality ADDA interface converters (Merging Sphynx II, Daniel Weiss), and a digital audio workstation that is compatible with all modern audio information (Pyramix). Thus, the recordings retain the highest possible fidelity to the original sound.

Every room is equipped with a FURMAN monitoring system so that each musician will be able to adjust the headphone mix to his or her specific preference.